Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week 1 Day 4 ~ July 20, 2013

Do Life ~ two simple but wonderful words.  

Today marks Week 1 Day 4 of this 10-week journey I'm embarking on to help me become more healthy.

It was alternating between 1 min of jogging with 90 sec walking for 25 min = 2 miles

I didn't get up at o'dark thirty but got dressed and headed out almost as soon as I got out of bed leaving no time to think about excuses.

My poor Kuzco just couldn't hang past the half-way point.  Well, he made it a little past half-way but by the last 4 rounds, I was dragging him during the runs.  Hopefully, he'll get used to it.

It was beautiful this morning ~ a little damp from a rainy evening with clouds still lingering yet the sun trying to burn off the clouds.  Temperature was just right but still got a good sweat on.

Focused on my breathing:
breath in 1-2-3
breath out 1-2

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