Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nov 3 ~ Hospitality for the Self

Yesterday I called in a "well" day ~ it was not planned because I got up at O'dark thirty to prepare for a day of work but at 6:30 when I am supposed to be heading out the door, I decided to call in. I am happy that I did ~ it was not going to be a busy day at work for me so I didn't feel guilty about not showing up for work.
My husband and I went to eat breakfast at one of our favorite places ~ went Lowe's for a bit then home and I started painting my room upstairs while hubby worked on a project of his own in the garage. We braked for lunch at one of our favorite Chinese buffet places ~ toodled around Target afterwards ~ still too early to start our Friday Night date night of pool shooting so we went home for a bit. I finished a little more painting of my room ~ need to get that futon bed out, tho ~ it will be our Saturday (today) project. Went to our usual hangout but all the pool tables were being used so we went to the Darkside ~ we enjoyed our evening even tho Geo won our pool game series and it was just us two playing pool ~ their pool tables are awesome!!

Today's Lesson: Treating myself with respect and nurturing attention can contribute to a rested mind and balanced body. While most of us would go to great lengths to be gracious to our loved ones, we often forget that we deserve the same level of care and attention. By choosing to treat myself as well as I would treat my friends, I invest in a healthier and happier self. Not only does this make me feel more balanced in my life but it also results in a rested mind and energetic body that can help me care for those I love.

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