Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nov 5 ~ Balancing Give & Take

Daylight Savings started ~ I like the extra hour but it plays havoc on my routine.  The Broncos had an early game and they won.  We roasted a chicken with all the trimmings ~ just like Thanksgiving ~ one of Heather's favorite meals so she stopped by to visit (plus do laundry).  Although, this may end soon because she is moving to a new apartment with one of her friends (breaking up with Alex) and it happens to have a washer & dryer in the apartment.  She claims she will still visit but now I'll have to come up with reasons for her to like cooking some awesome dinner or something.

Why Balance Give & Take:
By balancing the flow of giving and receiving in our relationships with others, we align ourselves with the natural universal rhythm of abundance and generosity. Aligning with this natural balance automatically helps us create a greater sense of balance in our lives. Rather than feeling guilty about what we receive, or resentful about what we give to others, we are able to embrace both phases with gratitude and joy, and create an ease of flow that brings harmonious balance to our relationships and our lives. As you embrace the flow of giving and receiving in your relationships today, you can bring forth a welcome sense of harmony and peacefulness to enhance your interactions with others.

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