Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1 ~ Getting Started

Today I woke up earlier than normal ~ I laid there contemplating my morning then finally rolled out of bed and started my coffee machine.  I went downstairs to practice my day one of yoga.
I chose to do Shiva Rea's Power Flow Yoga combination which consisted of Twisting Kriya (7 min), Agni Namaskar (17 min), and Shavasana (5 min).  Agni Namaskar is a series of yoga push-ups of up to twelve.  This morning, I had to modify and completed 5 for each round.  My goal, of course, is to do 12 regular yoga push-ups for each round.
"Yoga is a constant dance between strength and flexibility." ~ Shiva Rea
I enjoy the way she flows her words into a sort of poetic trance.
This is my horoscope for today:
Are you getting a bit bored with your regular way of doing things? If so, then your timing is perfect -- this day will bring you just enough tumult to keep things interesting, and keep you on your toes! But if you're happy as a clam with the status quo, then have no fear. You'll be able to negotiate the tiny hiccups that you encounter throughout the day. Regardless, you should consider this an experimental time in your life. Exploring new ways of thinking will be very illuminating.

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