Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3 ~ Core Power

Day 3
Today is focusing on my core power.  I pulled out and dusted off Baron Baptiste's Core Power Abs, Back & Bliss ~ a power Vinyasa yoga for beginners and all levels, Live!  I enjoy his soothing voice as he takes the class through this core power routine.  It was as if I was actually in his studio.  One of my favorite poses that really works the core is called Full Boat Pose.
Enjoy today ~ Namaste

Go Ahead Right Now:
Go ahead and live this day with everything you have. Go ahead and experience your life in the richest, most fulfilling ways possible.
Though you do not know what the future will bring, you can choose right now what you will bring to the future. Choose to bring strength, confidence, love, and a passion for living life at its best.
Go ahead and live as though all of life depends on you. Go ahead and give your best to this and every moment.
Let go of the doubts, step boldly beyond your fears, and do what you know is right. Instead of waiting for things to get better, move confidently ahead from where you are with what you have.
Don’t waste your energy worrying about what might or might not happen. Go ahead and do everything you can to bring about the best results.
Go ahead and immerse yourself fully in the richness that is life. This is your grand opportunity to live, so go ahead right now and truly make it great. ~ Ralph Marston

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