Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28 ~ Life Is Good

Today is Sunday ~ got up feeling a lot better about life in general.  Isn't this a beautiful reminder to enjoy life ~ sing a song ~ be happy...

Always have a song in your heart & you'll be on a good note.
The Next Level ~ Today's Daily Horoscope:
I may feel liberated today, which could inspire me to take action on my plans ~ yes, I do feel liberated today ~ it is a new day with new plans and ideas.
I am working through obstacles that hindered my progress in the past ~ my obstacle being me and my brain making lame excuses.
I just need to simply give some though to my existing plans, then ask myself if I have the confidence to stretch my limits and set slightly more challenging goals today ~ I believe creating new goals shows growth ~ I need to work through my obstacles and make the changes.

Home Base ~ 31 Days of Yoga

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